The Pokémon Go Game

This is one of the most famous and most downloaded free to play game that enables a player to synchronize his/her geographical location with the game’s map, allowing them to locate, capture, battle and train their Pokémons i.e the virtual images portrayed in Pokémon Go.

How Does it Work?

At the start, the player is allowed to create his/her personal avatar and can custom design the character by choosing out its skin, eye color and attire.

On the game screen appears the map of where the player is geographically located and they are able to view real life events on the map.Inside the map are the Pokémon Gyms and the Poke Stops.

The Pokémon Gyms are areas in the game where players’ avatars engage in fights and battles for superiority. The Pokémon Go cheats Stops are areas that have special items such as eggs, Poke balls and the lure modules which are used in the game to attract Pokémons.

The player starts by moving physically in his/her geographical location and with the game synchronized to the map,the avatar image in the game moves too. The player at certain locations meets a Pokémon who appears on the game screen as if its practically present in the real life location of the player and this is made possible by the players phone camera.

With an encounter of a rather wild Pokémon,the player is needed to battle the Pokémon by throwing at it the Poke balls that are located below the game screen. Hitting the Pokémon captures it and thus making it property of the player.

Pokémon Go

Upon capturing the Pokémon, the player is rewarded with candies and stardust which in turn raise the Pokémons combat power i.e its power and strength during battles. The candies however can also be used to evolve the Pokémons, raising its game level.

The player can however return the Pokémon to the Pokémon professor in the game to create space for more Pokémons and also to get more candy to use to level up their Pokémons.

Points and Levels

The game is grouped into levels and each player elevates the level ladder by getting experience points. In any case the player attains level 5, he/she is enabled to walk into a Pokémon gym and engage in superiority battles with other players.

In the gym lies different teams; the team Valor (red), team mystic (blue), team instinct (yellow). The player engages the other player in a battle with a mission of lowering the other player’s gym prestige. If lowered to 0, the player gets control of the gym and can leave one of his/her Pokémon to guard it.

However if defeated, the other player raises his/her gym’s prestige and upgrades the games level.

The grand mission of the game is to be able to collect all the 151 Pokémons by the end of the game and probably to have had a world geographical real life experience.

Boom Beach Cheats

Boom Beach Cheats to Gather More Diamonds

Boom Beach is a video game that runs on both Apple or Android Operating Systems, and you can play it in both single or multi-player modes. By genre, it’s a strategy game whose objective is to carry out missions from a home base.

The events take place on the shores of a tropical island. The player begins by building their own base, using wood as the building material. The game’s main goal is to organise missions to wipe out other bases in exchange for attractive prizes like gold, diamonds or more building materials.

Boom Beach Cheats

Each player also gets to organise their own army to counter against attack from other bases, which can be another player’s or be generated by the game itself. As you destroy each base, you come into possession of valuable information(referred to as intel in the game), diamonds and gold. Use these gems to collect more info, fortify your defense and build more bases.

So Few Diamonds

The main problem in Boom Beach is the scarcity of diamonds, which are the only medium for exchanging wood, gold, information and defense strategies. Having plenty of diamonds gives you a definite advantage over others. However, iTunes has made it so that a player can lay his hands on more diamonds only by spending actual money on its online store.

Free Boom Beach Cheats Generator

In an effort to get around this problem, a number of sites offering Boom Beach cheats have sprung up, which claim to get the player more diamonds without costing them a single penny. Boom-Beach-Hack asks you to enter your email address, along with the number of diamonds, gold or wood you need, which would then be generated and mailed to you.

Another program which calls itself the Boom Beach hack tool, is downloadable for free. This has almost the same mode of operation. You enters the amounts you want, and they’re generated in only a few minutes. All in all, the emergence of these Boom Beach cheats has made gameplay much smoother for frustrated gamers.

Clash of Clans – A Detailed Review

A Detailed Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans is an online game that will make you feel engaged and excited as you play it. This is a game that suits both experienced and beginners in the field of online gaming. As you play the game you are supposed to spend on buildings, so that you have the opportunity to get more resources to spend on other new and better buildings.

This is advantageous to you because the upgraded buildings produce stronger troops. It is also possible for you to develop better resource collectors. The resources that hinder your enjoyment of the game and your expansion can be upgraded too and made to be less frustrating. I suggest that you use a Clash of Clans hack iOS to generate free resources for your account.

Clash of Clans

Characteristics of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans hack gems free is unique compared to most of other online games because of its properties. There is more to this game than just playing. It has a lot of text information for you to read as you play. However, the good thing is that the paragraphs are written in a simple language so it is easy to understand.

By reading just one paragraph, you will know what you expect to get for much of the time as you play the game. This is why it is even easy for beginners to play it compared to many other online games which beginners take a long time before they can master the tricks and strategies to apply.

The game has limited animations, but contains nice styling both on its architecture and people as they potter around it. You will be happy to spend your hard earned resources to toil the land and upgrade the buildings.

Plus Side of the Game

Just like many other online games CoCAstuces has its own advantages. There is a combat system that assists you to develop an increasingly strong barracks, so that you can be able to send warriors into the territory of your enemies.

You are also required to defend your town using walls, cannon and other defensive tools and strategies. This is an idea that is seen in other games, but it is executed in a very nice way in this game. This is the case despite being an essentially hands off experience.

Have Opportunity to Watch your Troops in the Battle

You will be able to move to the battlefield, spam the entire screen with your loyal troops and watch them as they shoot from a long distance or as they chop away at your enemy building. They do all these so that they can be able to come back home with juicy resource points. The game offers some welcome relief from the limited empire building you come across in this and other games similar to it.

Get Fully Involved in the Battle

In addition to embarking on efforts to pillage across the single player mode, you also have the opportunity to get involved in the online battle and fight with real people. It is also possible for you to team up with other players to fight a battle against the world if you would like to do it.

Hay Day – Game Reviewed

Hay Day game is a real fun offering the player a chance to exercise their innovative and creative ideas in farming. Every activity you undertake in this game builds a great story worthy to tell. Indulge in a well laid back country life that is full of furry animals and fresh farm produce.

You intermingle with nature and experience smooth time having to work on land and utilize its productivity. Everything here is amazing. There is adequate food supply and animals feel happy being with you. It is total magic as it never rains but crops never die.

Desirable Than Never Before

Hay Day game is accompanied with constant updates. Since its launch in 2012 by the Supercell Community, there have been regular updates meant to transform the gaming experience of the players. It comes with unique niceties day in day out. Many intact changes have been added to make the game more funny and exciting to play.

Hay Day is quite simple to understand and easy to play even if you are a first time player. The game starts with a series of tutorials that shows you how to get started with the game by showing how to go with the touch screen controls and much more. After progressing from one level to another, you stand a high chance of additional fields and crops hence improving on the yields.

Moreover, money is the most crucial commodity in Hay Day. Player or rather farmer has to pay for various commodities that he uses for their livestock and crops. Selling produce to neighbors offers you a chance to collect as much gold coins as possible. You can also use a free Hay Day hack to generate unlimited resources.

Hay Day

What You Can Do While Playing Hay Day

Hay Day places you in a world of possibilities as you can do anything you want. You can imagine machines extracting bacons from pigs without necessarily harming them! Go ahead and;

  • Fulfill orders by use of steamboats or trucks
  • Create and customize your own town and welcome visitors from various places
  • Grow, customize and improve your own farm
  • Carry out trade by exchanging goods and crops with your friends and neighbors. By so doing, you can establish a united community. Buying and selling allows you to achieve most of your achievements
  • As a young farmer, get to learn new agricultural techniques needed in achieving their economy goals

Reliable Support From The Hay Day Developers

In as much as experienced players find it easy to play, first time players do experience hard time mastering some of the game rules. This therefore calls for reliable support team. Hay Day support team is always available and ready to offer dependable support to players who have hard time particularly when there are new updates in the game. Fresh features are designed to make the game more fun and exciting to play.

Be creative, innovative and adventurous and see how well you can build your own town, grow your own crops and keep livestock with Hay Day Android game. It offers total fun you won’t afford to miss out. Download it from the App store today.